We would not take a road trip without GPS or a map (okay, a little old school), right? Why would we treat our lives any differently? When we don’t have a direction, we tend to flail or feel without purpose. None of us like that. 

Consistently setting goals allows you to create an overall vision for your life and helps you to make decisions that align with it.

Hi, I’m Terra.

I have been working in the counseling and therapy world for over 20 years. I have the ability to see things quickly in my clients and move them forward in their pursuit of healing and wholeness. I entered into this field because I truly desire to help people live their best lives.

I take a ‘”non-fluffy approach” to teaching. I believe people want to learn the most information that they can, in the least amount of time possible. I commit to keeping us on track and giving you information to implement following every session.

I have a Master’s Degree in clinical social work, am an adjunct professor at St. Catherine’s University and am a Licensed Therapist in the state of Minnesota.

Congratulations for making the decision to invest in yourself! You won't regret it!

In our Goal Setting Masterclass, you will learn how to:

•     To evaluate your present situation

•     Create a vision for your life

•     Create achievable goals

•     Track your progress

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  Goal Setting Masterclass
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Start today and get YOURSELF to where YOU WANT to go. You can definitely do this!